Welcome to SIT-K IoT high school!

Do you know "Iot"?

"SIT-K IoT high school" is the website which introduce and comment on structure, concept and way to use of IoT(Internet of Things) for mainly teenager.

Today, our lives and jobs for the future may be changed a lot by development of IoT. I would like everyone to know that we also have anything what we can do depend on our ideas by learning about IoT, so I produced this site. This form is lecture style and five teachers comment simply and enjoyably with pictures and experiments.

This site can be watched from smartphone easily too. Please also use it.

You can watch classes what you like from schedule (on the left side of screen) but I recommend that watching "Guidance" first for beginner.


Class scenery (Videos of experiment)

Sorry, Japanese only!

Update information and news

We have been chosen as a semifinalist. I will do my best at the update work.NEW
We were elected to the representation of our school. We will do our best all members.
We visited IBM Japan, Ltd. to attend a job fair for female students. We could hear the accounts of IoT.
We experimented using MESH.
We attended the open campus of The University of Electro-Communications and experienced making a electronic circuit.
We started to produce this site.

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