先生Thank you for watching SIT-K IoT high school.
I'm SIT and I'm a school principal. I'll introduce this site first.

About this site

「This site is made look a school which learn about IoT. All members of this site team become teachers each classes and introduce easily about IoT with pictures and illustrations.
"SIT-K IoT high school", the name of this school, used initial letters of member's high school. We hope that people know about IoT and profit, so we named it.

Purpose of this site

We want teenagers to know, think, and create themselves about IoT.

We introduce clearly for people who don't quite know about IoT and haven't hared IoT.

We think that our life style and working will change by spread of IoT in the future. Then, we think it is possible to become people changing our life by IoT from using IoT in our life with our ideas.
However, in fact, few teenagers know about IoT. We read a lot of books and watch Internet in order to produce this site, but it is difficult for us to understand information because it being suitable for workers in IT industries and people who already have knowledge about IoT. Also, it is difficult to learn about IoT clearly in our information study class too.

Therefore, we decided to produce teaching material on web site for teenagers.This site is made lecture style to read it easily. Please do watch till end.

Viewpoint of this site

This site is made lecture style, so we recommend watching in turn from the first class.
If you already know about IoT and you want to watch it quickly, you can chose pages you like and watch it from menu (time schedule) .

Also, we highlighted words what is important. Color coding is used to another meanings.
 example and fact  our opinion  check point

Team members (Teachers of this school)

introduce something what I want
くまっち先生 Ms. Kumacchi (leader)
She is athlete teacher whose zealous teaching is famous. Apart from her teaching ability, she get a charisma teacher in order to open this school.
She is in charge of first and third classes.
I want a system that contents of exam is sent by e-mail when teacher finished to make it.
はべせぇ先生 Mr. Hasebee (sub leader)
He is an intellectual teacher of this school.
His favorite food is raspberry.
He is in charge of second and fourth classes.
I often fall down, so I want a shoes which sense a step and tell me.
アルファ先生 Mr. Alpha (senior teacher of experiment )
He is most healing teacher of this school, but he is very particular about experiments.
He is in charge of fourth and fifth classes.
I'm not good with directions, so I want a system which tell ways to change trains clearly.
ルパン先生 Mr. Rupan (leader of public relations)
He has most ability of communication in this school.
He describe lectures clearly with his art of conversation and writing ability.
He is in charge of text revision in all lectures and fourth and fifth classes.
I want a glasses which display a map and navigate to the place where I want to go.
あら吉先生 Ms. Arakichi (senior teacher of English)
She is a famous teacher.
She navigate lectures clearly with characters and illustrations.
She is in charge of illustrations in this site, English translation and third class.
She is in charge of illustrations in this site, English translation and third class.

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Did you check guidance of this school?  Then, let's attend lectures.

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