Example of IoT  -Car and IoT-

Autonomous car 

Autonomous car

This can take us to the destination without human. Autonomous car Today,this system is incomplete, so the stage is to avoid traffic accident by the sensor keep some distance from other cars.
However,it is expected

The formal automatic operation level in Japan is as follows.
※ A source Government CIO portal https://cio.go.jp/node/2358
The ITS plan of officials and the people, safe driving support system by road map 2017 and definition of an automatic run system.

LEVEL SUMMARY Overview・Monitoring and response of safety operatio
The driver carries out all or some driving tasks
SAE Level 0
No driving automation
・ The driver carries out all the driving tasks A driver
SAE Level 1
Driving support
・ The system carries out sub-tasks of the driving task pertaining to the vehicle control of either front and left or right A driver
SAE Level 2
Partial Operation Automation
・ The system conducts sub-tasks for driving tasks pertaining to vehicle control both before and after A driver
The automated driving system carries out all the driving tasks.
SAE Level 3
Conditional Operation Automation
・ The system carries out all operation tasks (in limited domain *)
・ The driver who is difficult to continue operation is expected to respond appropriately to the system intervention request etc.
System (if operation is difficult to continue)
SAE Level 4
Advanced Operation Automation
・ The system carries out all operation tasks (in limited domain *)
・ users are not expected to respond if the operation continues to be difficult.
SAE Level 5
Complete Operation automation
・ The system carries out all operation tasks (not within the limited area)
・ -users are not expected to respond if the operation continues to be difficult

Car and Internet


When I hear car and IoT, the automatic driving car is the first thing to think about, but there are actually various changes in other field.

By connecting the car and the Internet, the sensors recognize what kind of environment the car is running in, allowing the car's computer to analyze its driving condition.
Also, when you have sensors in all your cars, you can send various data from your car to the cloud, analyze your driving conditions and the environment, and you will be able to drive comfortably and safely.
For example, you should be able to determine the strength of the rain from the movement of the wiper and to detect the temperature from the data of the air conditioner. In addition, based on the abundant data from the car equipped with the sensor, the map will be updated from time to time, and other vehicles will be running while referring to it, the circulation of information should be born.

考える Cars we think and the future of IoT

意見In the future, the electric car will become the mainstream, and the miniaturization advances because the engine is unnecessary.

意見I think that the IoT technology develops more and more for the communication with the hydrogen station because the car which moves with hydrogen becomes the main.

意見I think when the automatic driving car is realized, the device to spend comfortably in the vehicle for the driver (for example, TV and movie appreciation) will develop

意見The paper driver will be gone, and the car will become one person like the bicycle for granted.

意見I think when all cars become auto-driving cars, there is no traffic jams, and the car proceeds to line up between the same speed and the same distance.

・In the future, electric and hydrogen cars become the mainstream, and because of the engine no need, the car is downsizing and price reduction proceeds.
・The spread of the automatic driving car is not a paper driver, it comes to own one person like a smartphone.
・"Downsizing, expansion of production volume, low price, moving outside the engine" is the car that only the car manufacturers are now producing, but in the future, companies in different industries such as electric manufacturers will be expected to produce.
・Traffic jams are disappeard and vehicles move on time like trains.

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