Example of IoT  -House and IoT-

IoT of house 

A variety of things are already being used even in the IoT of the House.
By Smart lock, in front of the door to recognize the inhabitants, automatically unlocked, and the air conditioner automatically set the optimum temperature of the room when the resident approaches the house.

There is a mechanism to measure the weight automatically when washing in the morning with the body weight meter embedded under the sink.

Smart house

I think you've heard the word "smart House".

The Smart House is the next generation of energy-saving housing that uses IT (information technology) to efficiently utilize the energies produced by solar power generation and fuel cells.

Demand for electricity shortages after the great East Japan earthquake has increased, and each housing manufacturer is putting power on developing smart houses.

Smart city

Smart city is a new city that uses IoT technology to efficiently manage and operate infrastructure services, and to improve the quality of life of people while respecting the environment.

In the future, various projects are underway around the world in preparation for increased energy consumption in the global population growth.
Because of the declining population trend in Japan, Smart city did not develop much.
However, the idea of energy supply is being reviewed in the wake of the great East Japan earthquake.

There is a Kashiwanoha smart city in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture where our school is located.

Visualizing and controlling electricity in the house "HEMS"

HEMS is a management system that stands for "Home Energy Management System" and is a way to save money for home use. It is connected with home appliances and electrical equipment, and the amount of electricity and the gas etc. is "made visible" by the monitor screen, and the appliance is "automatic control".
The government is aiming to set up hems for all homes by 2030.
Source: "Green Policy Outline" (Cabinet Secretariat, National Strategy Office)

考える Our thinking House and the future of IoT

Let's imagine what it would be like to use IoT in the house.


・When you approach the house, the air conditioner automatically takes the room to the optimum temperature
・In front of the entrance, the door recognizes the resident and is automatically unlocked
・Refrigerator to understand the contents and advise what to make today
・Control the washing machine in the smartphone from the go, if you do not have enough detergent is ordered automatical

It is certainly convenient. Are you close to the image world?
But I can open the key by myself. TV is the mood of the day to find what you like...
It is likely to hear such a voice, too.

意見When a thing enters the post in the mansion, it is convenient when it is notified to the house.
意見If a child enters a home with a small child, the sensor is installed in a dangerous place, and I think that I should let you know.

・In the IoT of the House, it is thought that a convenient mechanism such as smart lock develops of course, and the mechanism to conserve energy such as "HEMS" is more infiltrated than it.
・In the future, one robot (AI) is placed in the house, and the robot becomes a concierge, and the day to control everything in the house may come.

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