Example of IoT  -Home appliances-

Various IoT home appliances


Recently, we frequently see "IoT home appliances" being sold. In IoT, the expression "smart ~" is often used. One good example is "smartphone”.
This is because the telephone function is connected to the Internet.
In addition, home appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners and washing machines are called "smart home appliances". IoT home appliances have many useful functions that influence our lives.
We will introduce about IoT home appliances from now on.

◆ Lighting Fixtures

・We can adjust the brightness of these lighting fixtures by using smartphone or tablet.
・These light fixtures can adjust the brightness according to our electricity usage situation.

◆ Air conditioners

・We can operate the temperature of the room even if we are on the go.
・These air conditioners can automatically save power when it comes to the time we consume the most power.

◆ Vacuum cleaners

・Even when we are out, we can operate these vacuum cleaners with a smartphone and clean it.

◆ Washing machines

・We can check the time and power consumption at the end of laundry remotely, and when the laundry is over, a notification email arrives on your smartphone or tablet.

◆ Refrigerators

・We can check the situation inside the cabinet from the go with the built-in camera.

・These grasp the food in the refrigerator through "shopping memo" entered in the application, and will provide various support.

◆ Microwave ovens

When we talk to Sharp's product called "Helshio", such as "What will we make tonight?" or "I have pork and egg in the refrigerator, but can I make something?”, AI (artificial intelligence) considers the season, weather, cooking history, etc., and suggests recommended menus from abundant menus on the cloud. It is also possible to register your menu and recipe.

There are still a lot of IoT home appliances on sale, and it is increasing around us. There is also a corner of "smart home appliances" set up at home appliances mass merchandisers so if you are interested, why do not you peek at them?


According to "Home and IoT" we explained, it seems that HEMS energy management system will spread in the future.

Common communication standards are required for HEMS controllers to communicate with various house appliances, power generation facilities including solar power generation, residential facilities and so on.
The communication standard that supports that HEMS is (Echo net light) standard.
Currently, major appliance manufacturers have announced "ECHONET Lite" compatible home appliances, but there are not many home appliances yet.

考える Our thinking home appliances and the future of IoT

IoT home appliances, of course, have convenient functions, but it turned out that many goods considering ecology and energy saving were released. Based on such circumstances, we discussed the future of IoT home appliances that we think. (There may be things that have already been realized.)

意見If the lighting fixtures of the house and the TV are connected, it is convenient for us, because we can turn off them at the same time when we go out.
意見 If so, how about turning off the lighting fixtures when we lock the door? If there is only a key, it will be unnecessary to check the lights.
意見I wish I had a mechanism to contact smartphones when the trash can in the room was full of garbage. It might be realized even by ourselves!
意見Since I often lose things, it would be nice if there is a mechanism that allows me to check the history whenever I leave things inside the house.
意見I think it would be better if the mechanisms that move things together will increase.

・In the future, it is anticipated that a system will be developed that makes it possible to visualize the electricity usage of the house and control it all at once.
・As "HEMS" and "ECHONET Lite" become widespread, it becomes possible to confirm power consumption even if it is outside the home and control it, it also leads to power saving etc. So it spreads relatively quickly we guess it will go.

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