Example of IoT  -Public transportation

IoT is also used in public transportation which we usually use.

Digital signage

You may have seen the content of digital displays which is updated in the station and in the city. In this way, the system which sends information using display equipment such as the display etc. is called "digital signage" in all places such as outdoor, the store, and transportation.
There is an effort to use this "digital signage" for public transportation.

In November 2015, Odakyu Bus started a demonstration experiment of digital signage (real-time digital signage) which is realized by KDDI's IoT technology. This digital signage is connected to the Internet and obtain and display information such as accidents and disaster situations in real-time, so it improve the convenience and safety of bus users.



The bus is a public transportation that is easy to change the operation time (diagram) unlike the train. If you change the train, you may feel worry.
By reading the QR code at a Web site or a bus stop, you can understand the arrival time of the bus in real time.

The Kyoto City Transportation Bureau has begun to improve the bus waiting environment, including the roof, benches and bus location systems from 2014.
The service that a bus installed the Beacon terminal , and when the bus approach the bus stop, this information reflect on the special display provided at the stop. It's located on all the buses managed by the same bureau.



Just like a bus, you can know the real-time operation of the train, and you can use it to change the delayed train.

There is "JR East app" as the IoT service of JR East.

Information such as the train's driving position and the ride rate of each vehicle is sent to the server at any time, and it is informed to the user through the app.
In addition, the sensors that were installed for the brake and air conditioning control of the vehicle can also be used to know information such as room temperature and outside temperature of each vehicle.
* At each station in Tokyo, Ueno, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Ikebukuro and Sendai, you can also see the free information of the coin locker!

考える The future of public transport and IoT we expect

意見I hope you know the length of waiting line and delay of the bus and get in touch to keep up with the school and work!
意見 I hope the congestion condition of all the vehicles of the train is always understood by the smartphone.

-We think that it is the most useful mechanism that the accident and the delay information are understood beforehand by the bus and the train.
-On the train, as the screen to book the seat of the movie, the congestion will be dispersed when the congestion information of each vehicle is found in real time?
-The bus is expected to become unrelated to the traffic jams which the automatic driving car proceeds as well as the previous car in the future.
-We think the bus will be also miniaturized,so more detailed service will be able to be realized than now. for example, "If person which want to ride book from the smartphone, stop at the bus stops in the vicinity."

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