1st period:What's IoT?-lesson2-

 The cycle of IoT

You should understand the four keywords in order to understand the perspective of IoT.
1. sensor   2.cloud   3.analysis (artificial intelligence)   4.feedback

Let's check these keywords watching cycle image of IoT.

<IoT cycle image>
STEP1.Collecting the variety of data from real world.
1. sensor

  Thing is set on the sensor and get the information from thing. There are many kinds of sensor such as temperature sensor, humidity sensor, accelerometer and human sensor.
This is first step to get the information from things.

STEP2.Aggregating data to cloud or date center.
2. cloud

  Next, information accumulate to cloud by using network device such as wireless , SIM card and IP network.

For example, LINE and iTunes are service of cloud. It can use not only smartphone but also computer.

STEP3.Proving the aggregated data.
3. 3. analysis (artificial intelligence)

  Data which accumulated on the cloud analyse to use successful. Artificial intelligence is sometime used.

STEP4.Using in the real world!
4. feedback

  Things actuated based on the decision on the cloud. The important value and result at IoT is how feedback effect to people by these actuate.

Then, Let's think this cycle by applying the previous example.

シャンプー 人間ボタン ECサイト 配送 新しいシャンプー
 Get low→  Push the button→  Ordered immediately→  Delivery→  The product arrived
Detecting remaining quantity by sensor.
Data reach to cloud via network.
Analyze the data and product is ordered immediately.
The product arrived before get low. Feedback to people is finished!

We think that 、feedback is very important to think about system of IoT
and we think people should organize a IoT with thinking feedback to people. 

  The chime is rang. The 1st period is finished.

please remind the basic cycle of IoT because it is important.

Four keywords of IoT   1. sensor  2. cloud  3. analysis (artificial intelligence)   4. feedback

Let's think about "Our life and IoT" in the next class.

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