1st period:What's IoT?

くまっち先生 Hi! I'm Kumacchi. Nice to meet you. I'm in charge of first class.
First let's think about "What's IoT?" together.

 Topic of the 1st period

lesson1 - What's IoT?  lesson2 - Cycle of IoT  survey-

What's IoT(Internet of Things)?

Do you know what is IoT?
 IoT:Internet of Things  Formal name of IoT is "Internet of Things".

It is system that Internet which has IT equipments such as PC, smartphone and printer is connected to the variety of things.
This is a general explanation, but Can you understand it...? Probably it is difficult to understand.

This graph is the result of questionnaire if how many high school students in the our high school know about IoT.
Details of questionnaire here

Q1. Have you ever heard IoT?   [object: high school students 247 valid respondents(168 boys and 79 girls)]

We understood that there are more people who don't know about IoT than people who know about it despite of IoT had been became a popular topic from a few years ago.
Perhaps there are people who think that "It is convenient but what do we use it? " or "We have nothing to do with it."

Is that true that it has nothing to do with us?
In fact, We go thorough IoT in our life.
For example, TV is connected to the Internet and we record outside. Also, we check the operation status of transports on smartphone in real time. These systems are IoT.

Structure of IoT

IoT helps things to be able to communicate with Internet directly to incorporate sensor into things.
You will be confused even if you are said to "Things communicates with Internet". We think that it is difficult to imagine it.

So far, this function to communicating with Internet and data processing is only PC, smartphone, server and certain IT equipment. Things which other than IT equipment can get these function by IoT.

Therefore, it is possible to get the information from our things such as a car, consumer electronics and stationeries directly by setting the sensor or communicate function.
You tend to associate a lot of things with consumer electronics, but all things which nothing to do with Internet corresponds to Things which refers to IoT.

IoT is system that a lot of things communicate with Internet
Then, what's that things communicate with Internet...?

Let's watch an example.

Have you ever heard the Amazon Dash Button?
It is service that if you push the button of product what you want, you can order through the Internet shopping site automatically and the product will be sent next day.
Just push the button to order the product automatically... . It is convenient for us to reduce time to shopping.

[The system which can order the favorite products]

シャンプー 人間ボタン ECサイト 配送 新しいシャンプー
 Get low→  Push the button→  Ordered immediately→  Delivery→  The product arrived

This system that people decide to remaining quantity and push the button, but there is developed system at shopping site.

This system which detecting by sensor and ordering automatically. It is convenient to use weigh things such as rice.

Detecting and sending itself. This is what system of IoT.

Things access to the Internet themselves by using IoT

Can you imagine that things communicate with the Internet? Then, let's watch the cycle to function to IoT next.

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