2nd period : Our life and IoT

はべせ先生 Hi! I'm Habese. Nice to meet you. I will teach a couse in the second period.
Did you understand about IoT? Next,let's think how our life get involved with IoT!

 Topic of the 2nd period

Various cases of IoT and the future we think
Car and IoT   Public transportation and IoT   House and IoT   Appliance and IoT   Medical care and IoT   Nursing and IoT   Summary

IoT change our life

As shown below,it is expected that IoT increasingly develop and has a deep relationship with our life.

We think this story is in the future but,Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 is coming soon.

It is expected that industries that use IoT in all fields will expand in the future, The global IoT market size, which was about 650 billion dollars in 2014, is projected to reach $ 1.7 trillion in 2020.
※ A source:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Let's imagine how our life will change if IoT is incorporated in our life.
I wonder if the world like Doraemon will be waiting.
Now,you have to think the change in IoT technology while you see some example of IoT .

Example of IoT

If you click each item, you can see some examples and change we expe

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