2nd period  -Our life and IoT summary-

Have you seen a variety of IoT cases?

If we look at these examples, we can see that IoT has already begun to work in various fields and that it is related to our lives.
Furthermore, the use of IoT has also spread in other areas, such as agriculture, factories, and pet industries. In addition, I think that the smart lock introduced by "Home and IoT" can be very useful for child-rearing depending on how to use it. And the "watch-type" mechanism introduced in "care and IoT" should also be used for parenting and living with pets.

And we felt that the collaboration of different industries became important for the commercialization of such IoT.For example, "Sports equipment manufacturer×home appliance manufacturer" and "Clothing maker×electric Manufacturer".
In some cases, Toyota Motor has developed an IT farming support system to help improve the work of farmers and agricultural corporations.It is a surprising combination of agriculture and car manufacturers.
I think that new services are born by helping people from different professions, such as medical professionals, share their knowledge and ideas together.

If so, knowledge of IoT help us choose which career or job we want,doesn't it?
Even if we don't have the technology to actually program the mechanism, "I wish there was such a mechanism. If today's mechanism changed to this mechanism, it would be useful. "If you think about it, you may be able to shape it by working with the person of the engineer.
It should be important to get the power of idea and to get the communication ability to share it with others.

In order to commercialize and use IoT, it is important to collaborate with various business field and business type, regardless of industry or specialty.

Then,"Ah! I wonder if we can do this?" "It would be useful if there was a mechanism to let me know at this time."etc..

There should be a small convenience to be useful if you are around.
How can we think and make a small convenience to help our lives?

In the next lesson, let's create the IoT ourselves."The idea"change to "The form".

  O.K. The chime rang. The second period is now over. Thank you for your hard work.
※For the 3rd period, you use your smartphone and personal computer, so please go to the computer classroom

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