3rd period:Let's make - structure ver.

パソコン室 くまっち先生ちゃらき先生 Teachers in charge third class are Ms. Kumacchi and Ms. Arakichi.
We are teachers in this wed lecture, but we are not good computer and information technology.
We want to think about IoT ourselves even not good computer, so we try to it. Let's think together.

1. Even a teenager can understand   2. Understanding structure of IoT by making

Let's implement to personal convenient

We think the convenient structures around us based on school.

◆Idea 1
Our school used to be a boy's school, so there are not many ladies room. There are many times no vacancy. We want to know the availability of toilet in class room.
◆Idea 2
Teachers hand out the distribution in the box, but a person in charge forgot to bring it. Is it convenient to be able to know when hand out in the box?
◆Idea 3
It is often to left my umbrella in the school when it was raining in the morning but stop it evening. I hope the notice so as not to forget that I had my umbrella.

In this way, there are many things what we hope in the school. Whether we'll be able to solve these by using structure of IoT?

Thinking about structure

◆We decided to try Idea2.


The present situation :
1. A teacher hand out the distribution in the box.
2. A teacher hand out the distribution in the box.
3a. If there are distribution, they carry it in them classroom.
3b. If there are not distribution, they check again later.

Therefore, there are sometimes few distribution and a person in charge have to check again. Also, they are sometimes instructed to bring it by teacher when they neglect to check it.

We consider an improvement idea to apply to the cycle of IoT which learn in the 1st period.

The improvement idea : (You can check the IoT cycle to click in parentheses )
The teacher puts the distribution in the BOX
1. The sensor sense that distribution is hand out in the box. →(     )
2. The sensor accumulate it via the network. →(     )
3. Analyzing the content what sense via the network and inform in the classroom in some way. →(     )
4. receiving the inform and a person bring the distribution. →(     )

Then, let's try to it next page!

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