4th period:Understand IoT by working

アルファー先生 はせべえ先生ルパン先生 In the fourth hour, three male lecturers, mainly Mr. Alpha, will be in charge. Thank you in advance.
In the class of the 3rd hour we looked at the production stage of a simple IoT mechanism. It's surprisingly simple! We thought you might be able to do it myself, is not it?
At this time we will conduct electronic work experiments with more developed content.

1. Enjoy electronic work  2. Understanding structure of IoT by making

Let's use Raspberry Pi!

ラズパイロゴ Let's use a computer called Raspberry Pi. Is there anyone who thought Raspberry Pi seemed to be delicious? First, we will explain Raspberry Pi.

What is "Raspberry Pi "?

It was developed for educational purposes such as programming in 2012. Because you do not have built-in hard disk etc. like computers you see frequently, you need to prepare SD card etc., but it is a popular computer because it is less expensive. Since many models have been announced to Raspberry Pi so far, let's look at its features and so on.

● Raspberry Pi 1
It is a compact model and has pin headers properly, but it is currently discontinued.

● Raspberry Pi Model B+
There is not much memory up to 512MB, but the audio terminal is attached and the power consumption is suppressed.

● Raspberry Pi zero
This model is what compiled the main body compactly, but since it is not sold in Japan in the first place it costs quite a mailing cost. Also, since USB and HDMI connectors only support micro size, there is no pin header which is necessary when connecting to a sensor etc., so you need to solder them yourself.

● Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
It is slightly more expensive than Zero and consumes more power, but the memory is 1GB. It is a model that can respond adequately if it is normal electronic workmanship degree.

ラズパイ● Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
This model is the most powerful model among the previous models. The price is higher than Raspberry Pi 2, but it is compatible with wireless LAN. However, as the power consumption also increased, a 2.5A power adapter is required. (Do not use because the power adapter of the smartphone is 2A.)

Thus, there are many kinds of Raspberry Pi.
In this experiment, we will use 、Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
As shown in this picture the size is around 9 cm small. I was surprised. Also, even if it says the highest performance, it can be purchased at around 5000 yen because of its low price.
Let's get started.

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