5th period:Advantage and Disadvantage of IoT

先生 You have been learning and experimenting. I think you've understood a lot about IoT.
IoT has a mechanism to make our lives useful and to reduce human load.
In this way, it seems to be a good influence for the person, but is it really so? Let's think about the advantages and disadvantages of IoT.

1. Advantage of IoT  2. Disadvantage of IoT  3. The future of IoT

Advantage of IoT

<Efficiency・Increase productivity>

By making things IoT, the sensors attached to the product can connect to the Internet and collect a variety of data automatically without human,so it leads to increase productivity and greatly broaden the range of new business models. In addition, the efficiency of the work is expected to reduce costs.

<Enter all areas>

As I mentioned in the 2nd period, IoT is now used in a number of fields and attracts attention.
In other words, IoT can be an active part of any field depending on the idea, and it could have a big impact on the world.

Advantage of IoT we think
① Increasing productivity  ②Developing new business model  ③We can use in any field depending on the idea

Disadvantage of IoT

We learned about IoT mechanisms and examples, and we found that IoT has a variety of benefits that make our lives useful. Then, is there no disadvantage to the contrary?

<Security matters>

The most important issue to be aware of when we deal with IoT is taking security measures.
IoT which deal with a huge amount of data can cause accidents and damage through unauthorized intrusions and information leaks. Moreover, you may lose social credibility. The current situation is that the development of services takes precedence, and measures are put on the back burner.
However, in the Japan, the security issues of IoT began to be emphasized, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that it would conduct a survey on the security of IoT devices. The surveys are planning to finish in the year, so we are interested in seeing what results are available.

On September 5, 2017, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that it would investigate whether any "IoT devices" connected to the Internet, which is hundreds in Japan, could potentially be manipulated externally.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs is connected to all IoT devices operating in Japan in cooperation with ICT-ISAC and National University Corporation Yokohama National University. If you identify a vulnerable IoT device that is susceptible to cyber attacks, contact the owner to make a reminder.

* Source: Home Page>Public relations and reports>List of press releases>Implementation of vulnerability research on IoT devices, etc.
<Legal Issues>

Legal issues are also being emphasized today.There are areas like drones where the law is being developed. On the other hand, there are many areas in which the laws are not caught up in IoT technology brought about as an innovative idea to the world.
Therefore, there is a case that it is good to sell the one which does not understand whether it violates the law as a commodity or the enterprise side is confused.

<Parting with IoT products>

It's an IoT product that can make our lives convenient and reduce the human burden of living.
However, there is a malfunction and a life span because IoT products are "things". For example, if you use it for medical care or care, you must consider the specifications so that it can be used safely, such as failure of such things.
In the case of "parting" with IoT products, it is necessary to erase all the personal information, and do not forget to erase the data like a smartphone or a personal computer.
However, if the IoT product is broken while a lot of personal data remains... Even though we can't erase the data ourselves anymore, people with expertise can retrieve the data. I think that it is scary if it is so.

Let's consider at the next page about security measures that you should be most aware of as the disadvantages of IoT.

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