6th period:Summary and future work


Thank you for seeing the "SIT-K IoT high school” produced by us to the end.


We learned the following on this website
1st period. Basic knowledge of IoT
2nd period. Various examples of IoT products related to our lives
3rd 4th period. Try to electronic work out ideas by themselves
5th period. Advantage and Disadvantage of IoT

And finally on this page we will present our thoughts on the future of IoT.

For future work

We talked about the current situation of IoT on this site. Then, we will describe the future of IoT and the future issues and what we think. It is our opinion to the last, so it may be different from the future you think. How will IoT develop in the future? It will not be long before the day that can be ascertained with their own eyes will come.

<The future of IoT>

As "2nd. Our life and IoT"introduced the page of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, survey companies are forecasting that the number of IoT is growing sharply and its economic growth is phenomenal. Although there are differences in forecast values of each company, the consciousness that it will develop rapidly in the future is common. We anticipate that IoT products, which had been in the infrastructure development and development stages at manufacturers and manufacturing companies, will be fully deployed in service and deeply involved in our lives as well.
The field of impact of the development of IoT is wide and it is not an overstatement to say that it is all fields around us. Apart from transportation, housing, home appliances, medical care, and nursing care that cited examples, it has spread in most industries such as education, agriculture, clothing and pets, we change our lives conveniently, revitalize the economy, Perhaps the life full of IoT products becomes obvious.

<Development and Problems of Infrastructure Environment by IoT>

The fact that the number of "items" connected to the Internet increases due to the development of IoT is thatthe amount and type of data collected from things should be increased by dozens of times and hundreds of times. Whose is the collected data? There is a possibility that problems concerning ownership of data will come up. The data also increases proportionally to protect it.
Services such as the cloud to store increasing IoT data and services such as data handling networks are expected to develop further and more.
And we think that the key to penetrating society is"advanced stability and safety". We believe that the demand for IoT will rise dramatically as safety improves.

<Problems of human resources for utilizing IoT>

Even if "things" connected to the Internet and data obtained from them increase, we need "ideas" and "people" to connect them to services and products and to utilize them in real society.
We think that rapid development of IoT is difficult as long as human resources capable of utilizing IoT cannot be secured. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has established a system that the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry approves professional and practical education and training courses, mainly IT and data fields, and encourages human resource development.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced on September 15, 2017 that it began accepting applications for "Quaternary Industrial Revolution Skill Acquisition Course System" for IT-related skill acquisition courses. We recruit skill acquisition courses for society people including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT (Internet of Things) and certified by Minister of International Trade and Industry to satisfy the requirements, and through collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, certified courses it is planned to provide a mechanism to partially subsidize the course fee. ※ Source  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website

<How can I formulate ideas? >

In the process of creating this site, how do we feedback on people to commercialize and realize IoT?
We thought that returning to people and real society is the most important thing. But we think that it is a difficult problem to make ideas and ideas into actual shape (commercialization).
For example, ideas which we would like to use in middle school and high school or elsewhere, etc., can be created by myself, using convenient tools such as MESH used at the 3rd hour. Efforts to support companies such as organizing IoT idea contests, commercializing ideas that are highly evaluated, and supporting cloud funding for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises are also held in various places.

<Future of IoT that we think>

It is said that IoT brings about major revolution to manufacturing making so far, causing a fourth industrial revolution.
A lot more "things" will be connected to the Internet in the future, and the vast amount of data we got from it will make new services that we have never experienced one after another.
However, after all it is 'people' to think about that service and use it. While progress in technology is also important, we think that discovering and nurturing human resources who can create ideas is the most important thing.
From the "side that uses IoT for life" to "the side that changes life with IoT".
We should have a lot of opportunities! Why do not you think about it together?


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