Technical Term Commentary
IoT:Internet of Things IoT is not only information and communication equipment such as computers, but also the ability to communicate with various objects (mono) that exist in the world, to connect to the Internet and to communicate with each other, automatic recognition, automatic control, and remote measurement.
1st period
【sensor】 A sensor is a device that captures a physical phenomenon or changes in the physical state of the object and converts it to a signal or data and outputs it. There are sensors corresponding to various phenomena and objects such as light, sound, temperature, pressure, electricity, magnetism, distance, speed, acceleration and angular velocity.
【server】 A server is a computer that provides other computers with the functions, services, and data they have in their computer network.Also, software with such a function. It may be indicated by abbreviations such as "SV", "SRV", "SVR".
【cloud】 "Cloud" means a service that can use a variety of IT resources on demand, including computing, databases, storage, and applications, from the cloud service platform to the Internet.
【AI】 Artificial intelligence is a software or system that mimics the intelligent work that the human brain is doing on a computer.
【feedback】 The feedback is the input of some or all of the output of the system in a system with the input and output. It is a concept commonly used in the control of electronic circuits and software, but it is also used in biology and economics.
【Sim】 A SIM card is an IC card used primarily for the management of subscriber information in a mobile communication terminal. It is recorded, such as a mobile phone number and a unique ID number to identify the contract terminal.
【IP network】 An IP network is one of the types of computer networks that transmit and receive data through protocols (communication rules and procedures) which is called Internet Protocol (IP: Internet Protorol). The most extensive and well-known IP network is known as the Internet.
2nd period
【automatic driving car 】 The automatic driving car is a car that can be run automatically even if man does not perform operation.
【digital signage】 Digital signage is an image display device such as a liquid crystal display installed outdoors or in stores. It is a device that displays information and advertisements to people who are nearby or passing by, and electronic signage and posters.
【beacon】 Beacons are English words with meanings such as signs, lighthouses, signal, bonfires, radio signs, and aviation signs. In general, it is a fixed device which emits light and radio waves, and the person who sees the light and the electronic device which receives the signal are used to know the present location.
【smart house】 The Smart House is the concept of housing, which was advocated in the United States in the 1980s, and is intended to provide a variety of services according to the needs of consumers by connecting household appliances and equipment by using the information wiring, etc. and optimally control.
【smart lock】 A smart lock is a general term for a device and a system that can be used to communicate with an existing lock by some method, and to open and close management using devices such as smartphones.Many products will be shipped in Japan in 2015, sometimes called the first year of Smart Rock.
【infrastructure】 Infrastructure is an English word that has a meaning, such as a foundation or substructure. As a general loan, it often refers to public and public utilities, facilities, structures, etc., such as roads, railways, waterworks, power stations, power grids, telecommunications networks, harbors, airports, irrigation and flood control facilities (social infrastructure).
ICT 【Information and Communication Technology】 ICT is a term of science and technology related to information and communications. In particular, technology for storing, processing, and transmitting information using machines and devices that apply physical phenomena and laws such as electricity, electrons, magnetism, and electromagnetic waves.
4th period
【programing】 A program is a sequence of processes that a computer should do. All computers are running according to the program.In modern computers the program is represented as data and stored in a storage device. The program is a part of "software" in a broad sense, but in some cases the term software is used as a program.
5th period
【security】 As IT terms, it means to prevent confidentiality and security of computers by preventing third parties from unauthorized use such as intrusion into computer, attack, data leakage, tampering.
【drone】 Drones are aircraft that fly by remote control or autonomous control without placing a crew.
【security patch】 Security patch is a program for correcting those problems when vulnerabilities, security holes, etc. are found in a program.
【hacking】 Illegally enter another computer - system and modify or copy data.